1. Eastgate Harbour

‘OO’/4mm Scale,
Robin Brogden

2. Central Works

‘O’/7mm Scale,
Luton MRC

3. Melinau’r Abaty

‘O-16.5’/7mm Scale (NG),
Chris Featherstone

4. Wolfstatt

‘HO’/3.5mm Scale (Austrian),
Craig and Lewis Charity

5. Exebridge

’TT’/3mm Scale,
Paul Hopkins

6. Pawson’s Pickles

‘O’/7mm Scale,
Kevin & Maggie Smith

7. Wantage Narrow Gauge Tramway

‘OO9’/4mm Scale,
Richard Holder

8. Beijiao – Industrial China in the 21st Century

‘HO’/3.5mm Scale,
Paul Stapleton

9. Edgworth

‘OO’/4mm Scale,
Stuart Bailey

10. Streeton Way Sidings

‘O’/7mm Scale,
Richard Bridgman

11. Spirit of Welshpool

‘OO9’/4mm Scale,
Mark Holland

12. Chollerford

‘OO’/4mm Scale,
David Milford

13. Blackhawk House

‘On30’/7mm Scale,
Ian Drummond

14. Angst-Lesspork

‘OO9’/4mm Scale,
Hugh Norwood

15. Humphrey Road Sidings

‘OO’/4mm Scale,
Norman Raven

16. Bunker’s Lane

‘O9’/7mm Scale,
Bill Flude

17. 82G

‘O’/7mm Scale,
Warley MRC

18. Hills of the North – Spirit of Shap

‘OO’/4mm Scale,
Graham Nicholas & friends

19. Rush Green Colliery

‘OO’/4mm Scale,
Richard Green

20. Bear Creek Railway

‘HO/HOn3/HOn30’/3.5mm Scale,
Adrian Hall

21. Wimborne Station

‘OO’/4mm Scale,
Wimborne Railway Society

22. Welford Coppice

‘OO9’/‘OO’/4mm Scale,
Peter Cullen

More to follow…
… watch this space!